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Working at KBRS, you have the chance to change lives every day. Don’t believe us? Imagine a job where you work with a team of passionate, collaborative, innovative colleagues on projects that shape the leadership landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador. Imagine a job where you interact every day with people who rely on you to guide them through challenging and rewarding conversations – conversations that could transform their careers, their organizations, their communities, and their families. Imagine a job where your creativity, attention to detail, and organizational skills can make a difference in how people live and work.

You might not know it yet, but you’re imagining a job at KBRS.

Our Executive Search Coordinators work with our partners to manage our client deliverables, schedules, and commitments, connecting with diverse and interesting executive leaders from around the world while working out of our office in St. John’s.

Are you an experienced executive assistant or project manager looking for an opportunity to contribute more broadly to your company? We’d love to see your application!

In this role, you will:

  • Learn and contribute to business development by preparing proposals to potential clients and drafting other client-facing documents and communication.
  • Lead and manage complex projects with many moving parts, competing deadlines, complicated schedules, and demanding clients – who need our help to make great hiring decisions for their teams and their communities.
  • Ensure that our clients and candidates are getting what they need, at the right time, in the right way, at the right place, by using your critical thinking, multi-tasking, and time management skills.

Each day will be a juggling act that requires organization, tenacity, and creativity, but as you progress as a Coordinator at KBRS, you will become an expert spoken and written communicator, a superior manager of projects and process, a master of the fine details, and a brilliant and tenacious organizer.

This role is essential to our success at KBRS. Our Coordinators make sure that everyone we work with has a great experience by managing our projects and keeping us on the right track.

If you want a job where your energy and positivity can make a difference, a job working with thoughtful leaders who want to see you succeed and grow, a job where your work matters – then we can’t wait to meet you. Click Apply Now below.

For more information, contact Robert Fleming, Manager of Executive and Academic Search, at rfleming@kbrs.ca or 1.866.822.6022.

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